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On August 24th, Takei Emi’s graduation ceremony from ‘Seventeen‘ magazine was held during the event, ‘Seventeen Natsu no Gakuensai 2012‘, at Pacifico Yokohama.

During the event, Kiritani Mirei and Sato Arisa, who were a part of  the “Nekome Sanshimai” (“three sisters with cat eyes”) with Takei, made a appearance. “They seem so busy, so I didn’t think they would come,” said Takei. “The ‘Nekome Sanshimai’ is an important presence. Because of it, there were people who came to know me, and I was able to grasp my character.

Takei’s eyes filled with tears as she reflected, “I’ve been indebted to ‘Seventeen’ for about 6 years, so I was full of emotion trying to express my gratitude. I gained a lot from ‘Seventeen’, and that’s become my fortune.” She then put a smile on her face and expressed, “It feels good to graduate in such a beautiful way. I want to enjoy things I love such as modeling and acting.

Former graduates from ‘Seventeen’ magazine include Kitagawa Keiko, Kimura Kaela, and Mizuhara Kiko. After debuting on the magazine in its December 2006 issue, Takei has been actively modeling for ‘Seventeen’ since 2007. She’s recently been busy with her acting career, and currently plays the lead role for Fuji TV’s drama series, ‘Iki mo Dekinai Natsu‘.

source: Tokyohive


sigh... I knew this day would come soon! U_U


On June 4th, actress Takei Emi revealed the novel ‘grape hair’ she’ll be sporting in her latest commercial for Lotte’s “Fruitio” gum.

The hair reportedly took nine days to make in addition to an entire hour and a half to put on. “It’s such a beautiful color, so I think it’s wonderful,” Takei said, enraptured by her new wacky hairstyle.

In her new commercial for Lotte, Takei thinks about fruit so much when she chews on her Fruitio gum that her hair turns into a bunch of grapes. The grape hair, which is Takei’s adorable way of expressing how much she wants to chew the delicious gum. “I thought it was so original. Since it was so wide, I bumped into the camera equipment and stuff,” she said, revealing some of the troubles she had on set.

Takei’s head is filled with the thoughts of fruit during her commercial, so the young actress revealed the one thing that’s been on her mind a lot recently. “I want to be pretty, so I’ve been thinking about what I should do (to be pretty),” she revealed. “I’ve been thinking of eating tofu instead of rice, taking the stairs as much as possible, and things of that nature.”

Takei Emi’s new “Fruit Girl” version of the commercial will begin broadcasting nationwide on June 11th.


Check out more pictures of her awesome and unique hair here @ TOKYOHIVE.

29 May 2012 @ 05:35 pm

On May 28th, Fuji TV announced that young actress Takei Emi (18) and actor Eguchi Yosuke (46) are going to play a pair of lovers in the upcoming summer drama ‘Iki mo Dekinai Natsu‘.

A 19-year-old girl burdened by a cruel destiny, a 41-year-old man living in atonement, and a forbidden love that cannot be accepted by the people around them. ‘Iki mo Dekinai Natsu’ is as much a social drama as it is a love story.

Takei plays said girl who learns that her mother never recorded her birth in their family register. While falling into despair after finding out the secret about her birth yet wholeheartedly trying to live to regain ‘herself’, she happens to run into a former journalist (Eguchi) who is suffering from a deep scar in his heart himself. Although they could be father and daughter, they start to develop much stronger feelings for each other, a love forbidden by society.

Of course the drama’s main focus lies on the feelings of both protagonists, but it’s also heavily influenced by themes of ‘atonement’ and ‘forgiveness’.

Takei commented, “I seem to be able to playact [with Eguchi] a lot in the drama, which I’m looking forward to a lot.” It’s her first starring role on Fuji TV, about which she said, “You could call me a ‘Fuji Kid’, since I’ve been watching dramas on Fuji TV ever since I was a child. What I thought is impossible has now become reality, which makes me incredibly happy, but also very frightened.” About Eguchi, she added, “He’s a really fantastic person. I want to learn a lot from him.

Eguchi commented, “I cannot wait to see how the souls of the protagonists played by Takei and I are going to collide. This will be a drama that is going to touch people’s hearts.

The two actors will also have a great team of supporting actors to portray various intriguing characters around them. The mother of the 19-year-old girl, for example, will be played by no other than Kimura Yoshino (36).

Moreover, the lead female works at a shop that sells sweets and is often visited by a mysterious old man played by Kitaouji Kinya (69). There is also another lonely young man, played Nakamura Aoi (21), who is in love with her. Her grandmother will be played by Asada Miyoko (56). One man with a daring smile who seems to fudge with the destiny of all the characters involved will be played by Kaname Jun (31).

Fuji TV is going to air ‘Iki mo Dekinai Natsu’ every Tuesday at 9:00 pm, starting in July.

source: tokyohive


On May 17th, actress Takei Emi attended a CM presentation event for ‘JTB 100th Anniversary Hawaii Promotion‘ as JTB Group’s newest CM character.

Takei, who visited Hawaii for the CM shoot, smiled as she said, “I was able to fully enjoy myself.” She continued, “Going to Hawaii heals your mind. I didn’t want to go home.

The actress also commented on her summer plans. “My parents have never been on an airplane before, so I want to take them on a vacation.” Since Hawaii is known for many celebrity weddings, Takei also revealed, “I would like to try it at least once. But that’s not till I’m an adult.

JTB Group celebrated their 100 year anniversary on March 12th. To commemorate this occasion, it’s currently holding a promotion with Hawaii as its theme. The CM starring Takei Emi is one of their promotional methods, and it was made in the image of “family summer vacation”.

Takei shared, “I was at Waikiki Beach at night, blankly staring at the ocean for about an hour, and I spotted a whale. There were many miracles. I saw rainbows going to and from places. I also met about 7 sea turtles.

source & more pictures here @ TOKYOHIVE

10 April 2012 @ 07:47 pm

Actresses Sasaki Nozomi, Nagasawa Masami, Takei Emi, and professional golfer Ishikawa Ryo will be starring in Lotte’s Mother’s Day campaign CM “Mother’s Day 2012“.

The CM is a part of Lotte’s annual “Mother’s Day Ghana” campaign that has been airing every year since 2003. With 8,000 red carnations in the background, Sasaki, Nagasawa, Takei, and Ishikawa will each express their feelings of gratitude toward their mothers with ‘Ghana Milk Chocolate’. The background music is ‘Taisetsu na Hito‘, provided by rock band Rake.

Ishikawa reflected on the CM shoot saying, “I challenged myself at the shoot imagining that my mom was really on the other side of the camera.” In the CM, he delivers a message to his mom saying, “Usually, I’m not able to say things honestly… so this year is this.

Meanwhile, Takei says, “The times I laughed together with my mom. The times we cried together. They’re all my treasures. This…

During an interview after the CM shoot, Takei recalled memories of her mom, sharing, “I’m from Nagoya, so when I came to Tokyo from Nagoya, I came with my mom and left my dad behind. At that time, my mom and younger sister came with me just for my work. It made me remember the time I cried with my mom in the shadows, saying ‘let’s do our best together’.

Sasaki seemed embarrassed to express her feelings on camera and sent out a message in Akita dialect. Nagasawa expressed, “When I become a mother, I’m going to boast to my children. About mom.

Lotte’s new Mother’s Day CMs will air nationwide starting April 22nd, but you can check them out on Lotte’s official website!


Those curls make her even prettier!! *____*


Actress Takei Emi has been chosen as the image character for Tokyo Metro’s latest campaign, ‘We are the Tokyo Navigator’, which will begin on April 1st.

In the past, Tokyo Metro has used Miyazaki Aoi, Aragaki Yui, and Anne as their image characters. They explained their reason for choosing Takei saying, “The way she tackles various fields positively overlaps with Tokyo Metro’s image and new campaign concept.

Through CMs and posters, Takei will introduce places along the Tokyo Metro line, and will deliver its charms. The poster that will be used starting April will feature Takei at Ueno Park surrounded by fully bloomed sakura trees.

Meanwhile, in the CM, Takei is seen going out to Tokyo Sky Tree and other landmarks in Tokyo. Saito Kazuyoshi’s song “Metro ni Notte” will be used as the CM song.

source: tokyohive


Takei Emi
(18) will take on a dual role in a new drama series called “W no Higeki.” This will be Takei’s first time starring in a drama during golden time (7:00pm-10:00pm), meaning even further exposure for the up-and-coming young actress.

“W no Higeki” is an adaptation of a novel by Natsuki Shizuko, which was first published in 1982. It was turned into a theatrical movie in 1984, then got two separate drama adaptations in 2001 and 2010.

The new version of the story will have Takei playing two different characters. One is Mako, the daughter of a major business conglomerate. She has always lived in comfort, and as a result, she yearns to finally grasp life with her own hands. The other character is Satsuki, a show pub dancer who lives a solitary and destitute life in a corner of the city and who desires money and power. Although the characters and setting are different from the original, the drama appears to follow the same concept of two women who exchange lives, leading to various tragic events for both of them.

“W no Higeki” will air on Thursdays at 9:00pm, starting this April.

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Actress Takei Emi will be continuing her endorsement of “MAQuillAGE” this year. Takei was selected by the cosmetics brand to be their CM character last year, and officials was so impressed that they’ve signed her on for another year.

On January 19th, ‘MAQuillAGE’ held a CM presentation event in Tokyo, and Takei appeared with almost no make-up on. During the event, she re-did her make-up and re-emerged on stage to wow the audience with the brand’s concept, “TRUE WOMAN”.

Takei commented, “I’m a different person.With the power of make-up, I’m able to change my mood, and transform into a mature look.

She also shared that she’s always had a love for make-up ever since she was a child. “I’m able to become a completely different person. I can look mature, and I can transform. It’s something women can enjoy.

Additionally, it was announced that actress Goto Kumiko was also chosen as a new CM character for the brand. During the event, Takei reflected on their first meeting with, “She’s a very cool woman. She stole my heart the moment I met her. It was hard to introduce myself. I was nervous.

The new CM for “MAQuillAGE” will broadcast starting January 21st.

source & more pictures here @ TOKYOHIVE!! :)


Actresses Nagasawa Masami (24) and Takei Emi (18) have been chosen to once again star in Lotte’s Valentine’s Day commercial for “Ghana Milk Chocolate“!

The 2012 edition of the CM will see Nagasawa and Takei helping Watanabe Konomi (5) make her very own chocolate hearts. (In Japan, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for a girl to express her feelings for a boy by giving him chocolates.)

After the shoot, Takei reflected on a past Valentine’s Day experience. “I called him to give him the chocolate I made, but I didn’t get a reply… so I ate it myself,” she said.

Hearing this, Nagasawa tutted, “I want to see the kind of person who didn’t accept your chocolates.

Check out screenshots of the CM below! You can also watch the making-of segments as well as the actual CM here.

source + more pictures here @ TOKYOHIVE

22 December 2011 @ 03:19 pm
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